What is White Hat SEO?

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what is white hat seo

White hat SEO is all about following the rules and regulations led by some guidelines of such major search engines to manipulate the ranking. It means that you can manage the ranking of your website on the search engine result page by maintaining the purpose of your website while staying in terms and conditions of the search engine.

A well white hat SEO emphasizes the good quality content, accessibility of your website, using keywords, and make sure that it is easier for people to navigate. if you are doing keyword stuffing then it called black hat SEO. Some of the white hat techniques are:

1. keyword research to meet content demand.

Keyword research helps to ease the work to meet the needs of the audience. It not only helps you to find the most searched subjects but also to make you aware of the search language. By this, it is easier for you to find more keywords that your audience can understand and make content that relates to them.

As it comes to the white hat SEO writing content in the language, that your audience use will help you to engage with more people and connects with them naturally.

• Use target keywords that are most popular.
• Use other keywords that are connected to your target keyword and use it in your content.
• Put the main keywords in places- URL, title, image, content, to improve your SEO, etc.

2. Create content that answers the search purpose

While creating content, it is good for you to meet the needs of the audience. You have to think from the perspective of the searcher. For example, what kind of things they are looking for.what type of solution they want, do they want to know something or to buy something? It is good for you to know the phrase that people use. as it reveals a lot about the purpose of their search.

The purpose of a visitor to search for something is to learn something, find a solution or advice and purchase something. If you know the purpose of their search, it will become easier for you to access more and produce greater results.

• Create your content as Q and A, as the content is your answer and the keyword query in question.

• Be able to meet the needs of the audience, be a useful resource

• Clarify the purpose of your content in the title tag and meta description.

3. Make Google be aware of your content.

It is important for Google to know what your content is about in order to rank it and place it at the top of the search engine page. One way is through on-page involves target keywords in URL, TITLE TAG, IMAGE, etc. Another way is through internal links from related pages on your site.

Another way is through off-page involves inbound links from third parties. After this Google makes an effort to know whether the inbound link is real or a manipulator. Apart from this, link building is one of the most powerful ways to boost your ranking as it also gives organic traffic

Importance of white hat SEO

White hat SEO prevents your site from restrictions like a ban. Billions of people visit Google each day, which automatically increases the accessibility of your site to discover. White hat SEO is a powerful source to gain traffic on your website and helps in growing your business online.


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