What is SEO?

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what is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a process of enhancing your website by increasing organic traffic from the result page of the search engine. It helps in attracting your website so that it can be on the top of the result page of the search engine.

Although, SEO becomes difficult when it comes to analyzing the factors that can affect your ranking. SEO gives the best service to the users, it not only just give the best results on the page but also gives the exact thing that you are looking for.

SEO then, analyze the different website in order to know what is there in the site, this is to provide users their best result about a particular subject or topic. By SEO, you can increase your accessibility to the search engine. This will help you to gain loyal customers. By focusing on the work of the content, you will be able to gain organic traffic.

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Factors that affect on and off-page SEO

1. Content

Content has the utmost importance when it comes to the factors of SEO. It not only helps to attract the search engine but also improves your visibility to the site visitors. Your content should be more qualitative, effective and relevant to the visitors.

This will help the search engine to rank your site high and put it on the top of the page. If you have engaging content, then this will make visitors go through your site multiple times and also able to make a purchase.

In order to make your content more attractive, you have to write a multiple of Content pieces or blogs which are trendy and useful for the visitors. Another important thing to look for while creating content is SEO keywords and phrases.

These are the keywords and phrases that users might use while searching for their answers. If you focus on these keywords and phrases while writing content then this will help to improve your ranking. Another important thing about content writing is that your content should be fresh and trendy.

As long as your content is fresh, trendy, and familiar to the people, the more it will help to increase the ranking. You should write content on the matter to engage with people and to increase your visitors.

2. On-page SEO

Using on-page SEO means that you can have full control over your website and by working these factors you can improve your search ranking.
Some of the on-page SEO factors are:

TITLE TAG:- Title tag on the page tells about what your page is about. There should be less than 70 characters with keywords having the name of your business and having what your content emphasizes.

META DESCRIPTION:- Meta description is all about keeping a detail about each page. This also helps visitors to understand a particular page and to know whether it is relevant or not including your keywords. This also helps readers to know about the content by giving enough detail about it.

SUB HEADINGS:- To improve your SEO, it’s better for you to use subheadings as it makes your content easier to read. You can apply H1, H2, and H3 tags, to make a search engine to understand your content.

INTERNAL LINKS:- Using internal links and hyperlinks helps search engines to know more about your site. In other words, you can link to the product or services that you are writing about.

IMAGE NAME AND ALT TAGS:- It’s better to use image name and alt tags within your image that you use for your website to help search engines to index your image as further it will help users to search about a particular image or keywords.


Besides on-page factors, there are also off-page elements that can affect t your ranking. There are complications in these off-page factors as you don’t have direct control over these but you LL be able to work these elements out for you by using different ways:-

1 TRUST:- Trust is an essential factor when Google ranks your site as it checks whether you have a legal or reasonable site that users can trust. For those sites that have authority, you can use backlinks from them to improve your trust.

2 LINKS:- Backlinks is one of the popular ways to build off-page SEO but you have to take caution here as your sites can be linked with spamming sites that try to ban your site from search engine. It’s better to make great relationships with the influencers and people who write war-engaging content so that they can link your sites to their content.

3 SOCIALS:- Socials like share is one of the important factors to build off-page SEO. The share will improve boost your SEO. The more quality content you post which is useful for the visitors, the greater there will be a chance for visitors to share your content.


For SEO, there are two methods to take to optimize your site black hat and white hat.


It is a method which involves some tricks that emphasize on to optimize their content for search engine so that they can run their content quickly and earn wealthy money in a short period of time. In other words, the organization has nothing to do with the visitor’s interest who will read their content.

The organization tends to break all rules to improve their ranking. Black hat SEO gives pages that are difficult to read and look like spam. This type of approach is a short term process as it will make search engines to ban your site and ruin your organization’s career to build more sites.


It is an effective method to build your business online by optimizing your site in a healthy way. This method emphasizes the visitor’s interest who will click and read your content. The main aim of this type of SEO is to give the best reasonable and useful content to people as possible.

Besides the black hat SEO, this method follows each and every rule of search engines. As the black hat SEO will make your site penalized, this SEO will bring you the best organic traffic. So this white hat SEO is the best approach to take when it comes to building a sustainable and stable online business.

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