What is Black Hat SEO?

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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is known for the illegal techniques that are short-term and can get your site penalized or banned. There are a number of illegitimate attempts made by webmasters to track the ranking of search engines. Through doorway pages, hidden texts, interlinking, keyword spamming, etc.

one can trick the search engine to high the ranking of a website. Websites can do well by using these tactics but only for a short period of time. There are some tactics mentioned here is not to make you do the tricks but to warn you. These are the common black hat SEO techniques that are commonly used by webmasters but are probably not long-term.

1. keyword stuffing

This is one of the most common search engine spam. When an SEO’s repeats the same word all over again like in the title tag, image, URL, is called keyword stuffing. if we are not doing keyword stuffing then it is called white hat SEO. If you stuff the words in your content then it will become difficult to read and understand. Webmasters use this tactic to make the content look relevant to search engines. A similar type of tactic is mentioned below which is related to this one.

2 Hidden texts

These are the texts hidden by using comments or layering one content over the top. These texts are set the same color as the background. Nowadays it is becoming easier for major search engines to detect such tactics. Webmasters use this tactic by creating an image file as the background. Sometimesundetectable, the competitors reported this kind of tactic, and the site was banned.

3 Cloaking

It means presenting different information to the search engine as the visitor sees it. There are so many methods of cloaking that are undetectable. If your visitor redirects a whole different version of the site than what Google sees, then you can optimize it by using specific keywords while showing different content on the non-Google version of your site. Showing different content on the same page is called cloaking. it is part of a black hat SEO, When your competitors know what is done, they will report against you and your site be banned.

4 Doorway pages

These pages are added to sites to target specific keywords. There is no information on these pages, they are only to promote some phrase in order to make visitors visit there. Doorway pages are there to funnel traffic through different other pages. Doorway pages include keyword stuffing, hidden content, spammy backlinks, etc. to funnel a lot of traffic. It’s a very dangerous practice. Nowadays these pages are banned by a search engines.

5 Redirects

Redirecting is complimentary to the doorway pages. As the doorway pages have no content, redirects move the visitors to a page with actual content such as a home page of the site. Now search engine detects these redirects and penalizes the sites it is also called black hat SEO.

6 Duplicate sites

When the affiliate program got familiar, many webmasters used to copy a site that they were promoting and put it online to outrank the sites, that were promoting and capturing their sales is called a black hat SEO. These tactics were quickly banned by the search engine at that time. Now search engine has a lot of methods to detect these duplicate sites and remove them from their index.

7 Interlinking

The importance of interlinks became popular when search engines used to position multiple websites and link them all together to create overall link popularity. This tactic is hard to detect than others unless you are on the top of the result page. Putting a lot of backlinks on the site is also very risky. if you put lots of links in your site is called black hat SEO


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