SEO Institute in Delhi

We provide the best SEO course In Delhi/NCR. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is the most technical term to understand but we assure you to make it easier and more engaging for you. We assure you to provide the best SEO Course in Delhi and also make you face the challenges that occur in digital marketing. Our motive is to produce the best digital marketing experts.

We are the best SEO training institute in Delhi. First, we have to look for what is SEO and What techniques we should follow to get a higher ranking in search engines like google. After this creating website and using codes like HTML and CSS is our next step, here we’ll learn how to create, edit, and upload using different software. The digital keeda is the best SEO institute in Delhi.

Finding keywords is our next step to work with SEO. To make our website more visible to Search engines, off-page SEO is the best technique to learn after on-page, 

we will learn about off-page SEO to build a strong link profile. After this, well look for the guidelines of the major algorithms of google. It’s like a quality checker of google. Content marketing is the most important to learn to get a higher ranking, to do online marketing of your services, etc.

In this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course in Delhi, we’ll learn the in-page and out-of-page activity of a website to improve the visibility of a website in search engines google webmasters to submit our website for google Indexation and also to keep track on our website. Google analytic tools are also good to learn to keep track of our visitors. After all this, we’ll get to learn about the strategies to work on SEO like black hat, white hat, and grey hat techniques. you will learn all these things in this SEO institute in Delhi

Need Of SEO Course

Here is the list why you need to learn SEO Institute in Delhi from The Digital Keeda

                                                                    • SEO course basics
                                                                    • Google algorithm
                                                                    • Search operators
                                                                    • Indexing
                                                                    • Search commands
                                                                    • Tags for ranking
                                                                    • Keyword research
                                                                    • Types of keywords
                                                                    • Techniques for keyword research
                                                                    • Google trends
                                                                    • Right keywords
                                                                    • Technical optimization
                                                                    • On-page SEO
                                                                    • Keyword analysis
                                                                    • Title and meta tag optimization
                                                                    • Paragraph and tag optimization
                                                                    • internal links
                                                                    • External links
                                                                    • XML Sitemap
                                                                    • Html sitemap
                                                                    • Header
                                                                    • Footer
                                                                    • Off-page SEO
                                                                    • Long-tail keywords
                                                                    • Social bookmarking
                                                                    • Google map creation
                                                                    • image submission
                                                                    • Profile creation
                                                                    • Logo submission
                                                                    • Google webmaster tool
                                                                    • Google analytics tool
                                                                    • Black hat
                                                                    • white hat
                                                                    • Grey hat
                                                                    • Plagiarism checker
                                                                    • Similar web