What Is Google AdSense and How Does It Work?

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular advertising program owned by Google that allows website owners and publishers to earn a good amount of money by running ads on their websites or blog. They usually get paid when visitors click on their website or blog. The
revenue divides into 68% to the website owner and 32% to Google.

AdSense is for those who want to show Google ads on their website. AdSense works in two ways- EPC i.e., earning per click, and CPC- i.e., cost-per-click. Google AdSense has a lot of advantages-free to join, easy to participate, many ads options, run several ads, etc. There are a variety of AdSense ads-
text, image, video, animated image, search, etc. Google AdSense is the best monetization method.

How Does It Works?

It’s a very easy and simple process. All you have to do is create a Google AdSense account associated with your Gmail, then insert a little amount of code into the pages of your website. Then after your account gets verified, Google will show ads on your website
either relevant to your website’s content or the visitor’s previous searches. After that, the visitors will start clicking on the ads that are shown on your website and you’ll get paid.

For better results, you have to provide as many clicks as possible on those ads.you have to do proper SEO, There are some restrictions also. Don’t try to cheat Google with fraud clicks as Google has some policies against
these scams. Once you get caught with such frauds, Google will suspend your account for forever.

In short, follow three steps-

• Make space for ads by putting ad codes on your site and deciding where you want your ads to be shown or displayed.

• The highest bidding and paying ads will show on your site

• Then, Google will handle all the payment procedures and will make sure that you get the payment

How to Make Money With GOOGLE ADSENSE?

To earn a good amount of money and for the highest revenue-

Follow Google rules– you have to meet the standard of Google AdSense policies.

Refuse to click on your ads and don’t ask others to do it– don’t buy PPC( Pay per click) or use any fake clicks to derive more traffic on your site. Google has strict policies against these frauds.

User-generated content– remember traffic is everything. So make sure that you are providing content that is useful and valuable for the audience so that it can increase your site traffic. More traffic comes with more clicks.

Ad placement– allowed only three standard ad placements on each page. Use all of them.

In-content ads– ads that are shown in the middle of your content increase more clicks as they’ll show during the reading time.

Generate organic traffic– make sure you do an honest SEO of your site as it is valuable and effective for free traffic.

Responsive for mobile users– maximum traffic is driven by mobile users. So make sure your site is showing responsive ads and also Google sends you an appropriate size for ads shown on mobile.

Monitoring results– examine your data and see what it says about your performance and make more efforts and do the best as you can.


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