What Are Keywords and Why Are They Important for SEO?

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Keywords refer to the phrases and words that people enter while searching on the internet, also called search queries. Keywords basically represent
what your content is about. Keywords are important to SEO, as it helps your content to get optimized easily. For better content, its
important for you to write your content with simple and catchy words and phrases. It’s also important for you to use words which is more
relevant to the audience search so that they can easily find your content on the result page. this is called a keyword

Types of keywords:-

There are basically three types of keywords.

  1. Short-tail keywords
  2. Mid-tail keywords
  3. Long-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords

Also known as head keywords or generic keywords. These words consist of one or two words. Short-tail keywords have no clear intent
behind what exactly a person wants. Short-tail words have their own pros and cons. For example, it has the highest volume of search which brings a lot
of traffic. The competition is very high for these words. The focus of the target audience is very low. Very expensive as compared to other words
because of the high volume search. The conversion rate is very low.

Mid-tail keywords

Mid-tail keywords are a combination of both short and long-tail words. It is a balance between high competitive and high ranked short-
tail words and less competitive and high conversion rate long-tail words. More likely to use these words. It also has some pros and
cons. For example., the competition is not so high but the search volume is quite relevant. It also consists of two-three words and also attracts
balanced traffic. Don’t get confused with long-tail words. There is a minor difference between both. Use high-tail words to support mid-tail
words. Using mid-tail words is also very beneficial, but the challenge is to get a higher ranking with as many search queries as it gets.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are a combination of more than three words to make a specific phrase. As compared to singular words, which are highly
searched and have more competition, the long-tail words are less competitive and have a clear purpose. Long-tail words have also its pros and cons. For example., low search volume, competition is also very low, because of the low competition it targets a specific audience so the
focus of the target audience is very high. Effective but less expensive. Long-tail words are more likely to have a high conversion rate.


Keywords play an important role when it comes to SEO as it builds a connection between your content and what your audience is searching on
the internet. It helps you to see whether your content is relevant and useful for them or not. The right choice of it helps you to get higher
organic traffic to your website. Your chosen words will define what kind of audience you’ll get.

If you get succeed in giving the exact search
that your audience is looking for, then it’ll increase the chances of your website running on the top page of the search engine. words actually describe your audience as much as your content describes your website. Forgiving better results for what your audience is searching for, you have to create better content and for that, you have to do a little research about your audience. For instance., what they are searching, what kind of content they seek, what
language they prefer etc. In short, keywords help in the following:

• Useful to create content for the audience.
• Help in matching with the audience query.
• Target audience and derive traffic.
• Increase your website’s visibility.
• Help your content to find by people more easily.
• Help in improving your website’s ranking on SERP.
• Help in getting the language that your audience use and fulfilling their needs.

These are some points important for SEO. Basically keywords make it easy for you to connect with the audience and what information they ask for and
you give them the best through your content and services. With the best words, you can also get several better ideas for content.


Finding the words that deal with your audience and target them towards your website is what we called keyword research. You have to go right with
the keywords while researching. Don’t find words that are competitive and expensive and also don’t find words that are non-responsive.
Keyword research is most helpful to SEO. Best words will help your website to get optimized quickly.

Some points while doing keyword research:

• Collect every idea which describes your content, product and service and make a list of them.
• Use a keyword research tool that will help to find words related to your content, product, and services.
• Look at the words and phrases that people mostly use and query they generally ask and then work on that.
• Examine the use of words on the result page and also the competition and turn it as a strategy for your keyword research.

Choosing Keywords for SEO:

• Don’t use multiple meaning words.
• Use long tail words as it has low competition.
• Neither use expensive words nor cheap.
• Take help from people’s searches on your website and use them as keywords.
• Describe your content, product, and services with simple and mostly use words.


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