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About us

The Digital Keeda is founded by shunny Thakur

After my education, the first thing that came to my mind is to build an online business. I have always been very fond of marketing, particularly digital marketing, not because I found it interesting but also it includes the most important element that runs our daily lives i.e., social media.
When I started learning the concepts of digital marketing, I was amused and stunned by the technical work. I got to learn so many amazing things. Everybody wants to earn money with ease, I want too but when your passion meets money then it feels like you run the world.
With the help of great knowledge, I started this website to run my business and to be able to help people out there who look for some kind of knowledge. Through my website, I want people to get exact information or knowledge as they want.
I also worked and still working for so many great projects. I have my own successful YouTube channel, I have so many successful pages on Facebook and Instagram. After gaining my knowledge in digital marketing, I can say that not just it empowered my skill to build a business but also, take my business to another level.

About the The Digital Keeda

The Digital Keeda is for the people who want exact information without any long story. You can find every little detail about digital marketing and also be able to find answers to your questions related to digital marketing. This website has all the short and long information related to the subject. This website also offers courses related to digital marketing for those who want to study online. Make yourself free to ask anything.


The aim of this website is to make people engage with the best and updated information and knowledge about digital marketing. Our mission is to provide you the best work so that you will be able to face any kind of challenges related to digital marketing. With our knowledge and your hard work you can become a YouTuber, digital marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur. An expert creates another expert. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Feedback from our clients

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John Dou

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John Dou

Sandy Williams

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Sandy Williams

CEO, Business Co.